Reborn Henar, bib, muslin and blanket...

Reborn Henar, bib, muslin and blanket - 46cm


Reborn Henar, hairless, white and grey t-shirt and panties, with bib, muslin and grey blanket - 46cm

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Here is Henar, asleep on her grey sleeping bag, with her bib and muslin.

Her body is made of fabric, and her limbs of vinyl, with mobility in the shoulder and hip joints, i.e. she can sit or lie down.

Weight : 1,800kg

Size: 46cm

Packaging: 21,5cm x 30cm x 52,5cm

Our Reborn babies require special care, such as:

No rubbing against fabrics that may bleach, such as denim, or similar.

They cannot be painted with any cosmetic products, pens or similar. Once painted, it is impossible to remove it, as the vinyl rubber absorbs and would have no solution.

It should not be rubbed with baby wipes as they contain alcohol and this can remove or damage the paint. To wash it only with soap and water superficially.

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